Call for illustrations

“Submission” Guidelines

  • The visual illustrations can be realistic, figurative, abstract, hyperreal or anything in between and represent the story for which it is done.

  • The illustrations can be made digitally, by hand, or hybrid(multimedia). If you are making it by hand please retain the physical copy as it may be needed if you are selected to be included in the publication.

  • The illustration can be done on any material base or can be digital. The size of the base can be decided by the “participant”/ “entrant” but needs to be square in proportion.

  • The illustration must not be more than 1(one) year old.

  • Description for the illustration (max 30 words) in English is to be provided by the “entrant” or “participant.”

  • There will be two (2) participation categories: 18 years of age and older: “Entrant” will be the artist themselves Under 18 Years of age: “Entrant” will be a parent/legal guardian who will submit the illustration on behalf of the child (“participant”).

  • The “submission” must be entered online through the Site in accordance with the instructions on the Site. Entries by mail will not be accepted.

  • Entrants may participate individually or in teams of not more than 2(two) people.

  • More than one or all stories can be illustrated, but limit one (1) “submission” per “entrant” /per story

  • More than one parent or guardian cannot enter a “submission” for the same child for the same story.

  • In addition, “entrants” are not permitted to submit the same “submission” more than once throughout the entire “contest.” Duplicate “submissions” by the same “entrant” or same “submission” in response to different stories will be disqualified.

  • No monetary or other compensation will be provided to the “entrants” or “participants.”

  • The “submission” should not have been submitted previously in a promotion of any kind, won any kind of award and/or been exhibited or displayed publicly through any means.

  • The “submission” should consist of a scan or photograph of the illustration. Nothing else other than the illustration should be visible in the photograph. A flat scan of the illustration is preferred but if a scanner is not available, a photograph should be taken perpendicularly.

  • On a basic level, images must be in focus, properly colour and contrast balanced, and free from blemishes such as lens flare, color fringing, sensor dust, jpeg artifacts, excessive noise and so on. The photographs should be high quality and preferably have a resolution of 300 dpi or more. The format of the “submission” should be a .jpeg, .png, or .pdf file