Dr. Radhika Sekar

Radhika Sekar

Storyteller, Canada Celebrates Folklore, India


Dr. Radhika Sekar immigrated to Canada with her husband and young children in 1974. Initially a full-time mother and homemaker she went back to school as her children grew older and earned a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Ottawa and taught at Carleton University for several years. Apart from academics, Radhika has always had a keen interest in mythology and folklore and regaled her offspring with tales from India’s Epics, Puranas, and folktales. This interest led to the writing and publication of her children’s books: “Lord of Beginnings: Stories of the Elephant Headed Deity: Ganesha (2004), Festival of Light: Deepavali Legends from Around India (2005) Hanuman (2010) and a folk tale: “The Secret Spice” (2012), which is based on the European Folk tale “Stone Soup.” Radhika was also a panelist for the popular weekly column: Ask the Religion Experts published by the Ottawa Citizen between 2005 to 2011. She also writes short stories, many of which have appeared in various anthologies. Radhika and her husband now live a downsized life, spending time with their offspring and six grandsons.