Canada Celebrates Folklore | 2022

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Canadian Centre for Mindful Habitats (CCMH) and The Great India Festival (TGIF), present: Canada Celebrates Folklore for Samhita: A Celebration of Multiculturalism bringing together folktales from different countries.

Mindful Habitats and TGIF extend a call for Canadian narrators to narrate in English, folklores from different countries. We are looking for folktales that are culturally significant or popular in the respective countries and will bring out the fundamental human values that spread happiness and positivity around.

If you have a story in mind from your country of origin, previous residence or a place that you have a significant cultural experience and understanding, please contact us to participate!

Narration (a video) of folklore will be published on the websites of the partnering organizations, which will be followed by a Worldwide call for illustrations for the folktales recorded. A panel of artists will select the illustrations from the ones received to be included in the accompanying catalogue of stories and illustrations to be published by Mindful Habitats subsequently.

Story from Ukraine

Retold by Alana Mota

Story from China

Retold by Dr. Joseph Gigliotti

Story from French Canada

Retold by Kimberly Vandermeer

Story from Iceland

Retold by Caitlin Oleson

Story from India

Retold by Rashmi Venkateswaran

Story from Jamaica

Retold by Racquel Sutherland

Story from Scotland

Retold by Lynda Joyce

Story from Slovakia

Retold by Maria Habanikova

Story from Turkey

Retold by Gulsah Avsar