Skill Development

Skill Development is a personal, communal, and national effort in Canada to build robust and resilient futures. 

Knowledge Has The Power To Transform Dreams Into Reality!


To research and create net positive, resilient, and scalable communities where human values, happiness, and well-being are prioritized through sustainable living practices, abundance of resources, infrastructure, and opportunities.


Facilitating Growth and Development of Knowledge

Cultivating Community Resilience 

Enhancing Skills for a Better Life 

A Bright and Sustainable Future 

The MDP MIX: Skills for Life

Mathematics, Design, and Problem Solving (the MDP mix) has been carefully designed to include all the STEM concepts for the corresponding age/grade mix and is offered in regular, accelerated as well as accommodated learning programs.

Additional skills and concepts are delivered in a structured manner to ensure effective learning and comprehensive understanding of concepts and their applications to make problem solving a rewarding experience and a way of life. 

Several pathways are available to students to complete the learning plans created for their age/grade mix and students are encouraged to follow the learning plan and pace that works the best for them. At Mindful Habitats we truly believe in Barrier Free Learning and Growing Opportunities.

What we offer

Mathematics, Design and Problem Solving (The MDP Mix) for students from Grade 9 to Grade 12.

Weekly information sessions are conducted for all the students from Grade 9 to Grade 12 between 10 am and 3pm, these sessions are hosted over Zoom/Google Meet and include a lesson on a scheduled topic, problem solving, and question and answer sessions.

Developing skills with a practical approach inspired by application and observation of concepts involved in various Games and Sports. Theoretical concepts are delivered in a game-oriented approach.

Bootcamps, tours, tournaments, field trips, forest walks, picnics and several other activities are organized from time to time that are all oriented towards multidimensional learning of concepts theoretically as well as in practice.

To learn more about such initiatives, please send an email to, expressing your interest to subscribe to informational emails and sessions. 

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At Mindful Habitats, we constantly engage in Problem Solving, Research Initiatives, Knowledge Propagation, and Community Projects. We encourage our friends, fellows, patrons, sponsors, and community members to join teams suitable to their skills and interests, as this ensures the efficient transfer of knowledge and skills.