Canadian Centre for Mindful Habitats

The Canadian Centre for Mindful Habitats is a pioneering organization that promotes and propagates mindfulness in what we do as individuals and organizations. Mindful Habitats’ diverse agenda includes pursuing pertinent and ethical inquiries and conversations that impact the way we live, teach, conduct research, design, and disseminate to enable informed decision making. The aim is to develop and foster a culture of contributing consciously and mindfully to research, not as a method of demonstration of pre-established whimsical ideas, but as a method of inquiry to unleash the power of true research that ensures that the important data points and by-products of research are not lost, rather recycled into the research, leading to enhanced efficiency and amazing outcomes. The goal is to create performance oriented, applied research, seamlessly integrated over geography and time and converted into action items independent of individual activism and corresponding to collective growth, development, and happiness.

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